NNU 4134 K30M/W33 bearing
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NNU 4134 K30M/W33 bearing
Dimension parameters
Bearing Model:NNU 4134 K30M/W33 bearing
Old Model:NNU 4134 K30M/W33 bearing
  • Bearing brand :EOE bearing
  • Inside diameter :170 mm
  • Outer diameter :280 mm
  • Thickness :109 mm
  • Weight :2600 kg
  • Speedlimit :280 mm
  • Speedlimit :2000 mm
  • Reference speed :173 mm
  • Bearing type :Cylindrical roller bearing
NNU 4134 K30M/W33 bearing
You can check the size of NNU 4134 K30M/W33 bearing from the website,the other terms of bearing NNU 4134 K30M/W33 is as below:Packaging Detail of bearing NNU 4134 K30M/W33:china bearing manufacturer product packaging: plastic bag/plastic tube + carton + plywood pallets
Delivery Detail of NNU 4134 K30M/W33 bearing :within 7 days after confirmed this order
Payment term of NNU 4134 K30M/W33 and our products:western union,T/T
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