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Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing  172FC114750
bearing 172FC114750 is one of our product,we offer a full line of ball and roller bearings.Our Target Industries served are: Agricultural, Distribution, Electrical, Fluid, Industrial Transmission, Material Handling and so on.the quality of 172FC114750 bearing is produced according to Europe standard,but the price is most our entire catalog of 172FC114750 bearing ,know every attribute and technical specification,send email to require it.
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  • Brand: EOE
  • Model No.: 172FC114750
  • Inside diameter: 860mm
  • Outer diameter: 1140mm
  • Thickness: 750mm
  • Weight: 2080kg
  • Series: Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing 172FC114750  Dimension parameters

  • Bearing model
  • 172FC114750
  • Old model
  • 172FC114750
    • Bearing brand
    • EOE
    • Weight
    • 2080kg
  • Inside diameter
  • 860 mm
  • Outer diameter
  • 1140 mm
  • Thickness
  • 750 mm
  • Speedlimit
  • Reference speed
  • Bearing type
  • Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing