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Thrust Roller Bearing  CT-20-C
We pride ourselves in the ability to service your most urgent circumstances.Our CT-20-C bearing and stock is available for immediate delivery, usually shipping in 3-5 days after you place the order. CT-20-C bearing and other products are used in a broad range of applications, including automobiles, railroad EOEs, locomotives, trucks, office equipment, machinery and so on. If want to know the catalog of CT-20-C bearing or the other information like price of CT-20-C,send email or call us to require it.
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  • Quote: call
  • Brand: EOE
  • Model No.: CT-20-C
  • Inside diameter: —mm
  • Outer diameter: —mm
  • Thickness: —mm
  • Weight: —kg
  • Series: Thrust Roller Bearing

Thrust Roller Bearing CT-20-C  Dimension parameters

  • Bearing model
  • CT-20-C
  • Old model
  • CT-20-C
    • Bearing brand
    • EOE
    • Weight
    • —kg
  • Inside diameter
  •  mm
  • Outer diameter
  •  mm
  • Thickness
  •  mm
  • Thickness
  •  mm
  • Speedlimit
  • Reference speed
  • Bearing type
  • Thrust Roller Bearing