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Tapered Roller Bearing(double row)  M257149DW.110
Our products are used throughout the world in automotive, truck, agricultural, aircraft, and industrial equipment and a number of other diverse applications.M257149DW.110 bearing as one of the products can be used in many places,the detail of technical data M257149DW.110 can be provided.Contact EOE Bearings for more information about M257149DW.110 bearing or the most current product information as it applies to you and for your product information.If you have any question about bearing M257149DW.110 or other bearings, our staff will answer it at the first time.EOE knowledgeable and industry focused teams are driven to meet and exceed your highest expectations.
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  • Brand: EOE
  • Model No.: M257149DW.110
  • Inside diameter: 304.8mm
  • Outer diameter: 419.1mm
  • Thickness: 130.175mm
  • Weight: 55.2kg
  • Series: Tapered Roller Bearing(double row)

Tapered Roller Bearing(double row) M257149DW.110  Dimension parameters

  • Bearing model
  • M257149DW.110
  • Old model
  • M257149DW.110
    • Bearing brand
    • EOE
    • Weight
    • 55.2kg
  • Inside diameter
  • 304.8 mm
  • Outer diameter
  • 419.1 mm
  • Thickness
  • 130.175 mm
  • Thickness
  • 130.175 mm
  • Speedlimit
  • Reference speed
  • Bearing type
  • Tapered Roller Bearing(double row)